Super Talent introduce RAIDDrive upStream PCI Express SSD range

/ 6 years ago

Super Talent Technology today announces the new RAIDDrive upStream, a new type of SSD designed for the PCI backplane. SSD solutions were first introduced as 2.5″ SATA replacements for existing Hard Drives. These transitive solutions have clearly demonstrated the benefits of SSD technology we know today. SSDs are faster, use less power, are more rugged and are more reliable than HDDs but the 2.5″ form-factor limited their capacity and the SATA interface has again limited the available throughput.

The new RAIDDrive upStream breaks the mold and brings SSD technology directly to the PCIe bus. No longer limited to a 500 GB maximum capacity by the predetermined 2.5″ form-factor, upStream can support a full 1 TB of storage. And no longer limited to 550 MB/s by the SATA III bus, upStream delivers up to 1 GB/s of performance.  There are four SandForce SSDs working in conjunction, It’s four SSDs in a RAID array driven by an LSI RAID controller. They will be available in 220, 460 and 960GB capacities.


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