SuperDAE Raided over Next-Gen Xbox Leaks?

/ 5 years ago


For those of you who don’t recognise the name SuperDaE, I’m talking about the online user who listed an Xbox Durango (next-gen) developer unit on eBay, he was also the first to leak a few details about the upcoming hardware and nothing much came of it all.

Yet recently he has been getting more and more ambitious, once again listing a developer kit on eBay and leaking massive amounts of information to the gaming press, most of which has been confirmed to be accurate thanks to a 90 page document that SuperDaE had in his possession and industry sources close to game development for the upcoming hardware have been giving their nod of approval, from the shadows of secrecy of course.

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Normally this kind of thing is dealt with quietly, Microsoft will do anything in their power to brush it all off as rumour and generally keep tight lipped, that is until they raid his house.

It’s said that a member of the FBI and several police have raided his house, with a warrant that mentions “Microsoft, eBay & Paypal” in the terms. Taking his phone, computers and likely any documentation as evidence, as well as giving him a stern telling off.

What do the eTeknix readers make of all this?

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