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Superhot Devs Offer Sequel For Free if you Own the Original

Earlier this week we got the announcement that SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE (a sequel to the original and amazingly fun time-based FPS) would be released on July 16th. While this, in itself, is enough to get fans of the original game pretty excited, following an official Twitter post, the news has just gotten a whole lot better! Well, for some of you at least!


Following the announcement, it has been confirmed that if you own the original SUPERHOT, on practically any platform, you will automatically be given the sequel for free! Yes, you read that correctly!

If you already own the original game on GOG, Steam, Epic Games Store, or the PSN, Mind Control Delete should automatically be added to your library between July 16th and July 20th. What about the Xbox or Mac versions I hear you ask? Well, Xbox users should get a notification with a free code to claim their copy whereas Mac owners will need to e-mail the developers with proof of the original game (and presumably the purchase date) to get their free sequel!

Terms & Conditions

While the offer is pretty straight forward, the only major caveat is that you must’ve purchased your copy of the original SUPERHOT before July 16th. If you don’t already own it, however, there is some additional good news. If you purchase the sequel, then the original game will be made available at a pretty hefty discount. Although prices may vary, expect something in the region of $10-$15 to be knocked-off!

The only major question remaining is regarding those who claimed the free copy of SUPERHOT via the (relatively recent) Epic Games Store giveaway. Put simply, I don’t (yet) know if they will qualify, but suspect that they might. If you don’t though, don’t complain. You got the original for free in the first place!

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Mike Sanders

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