Superman + GoPro Makes For One Epic Video

/ 4 years ago

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GoPro have been used for some pretty epic stunts in the past, we’ve seen them strapped to sky divers, or even more awesome, Felix Baumgartner when he did his jump. They’ve been attached to cars, bikes, jets, you name it! However, there are few GoPro tricks in this world that can top the video below.

Superman gets his camera and takes off for a fly around the city, fights some bad guys, save the hot girl and then was obviously nice enough to upload it to YouTube, awesome.

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Yeah ok, we know that’s not the real superman! The trick was done using a superb GoPro camera strapped to a very cool quadrocopter, add a few camera tricks and some CGI arms and you’ve got a nice little video to keep us all entertained.

If you want to see how it was done, check out the behind the scenes video below.


Thank you Zoo for providing us with this information.

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