Survarium, the ultimate MMOFPS survival game

/ 6 years ago

Even though S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 has been cancelled, the developers of it (Vostok Games) are still pressing ahead with the MMOFPS survival game Survarium. In Survarium you must work with friends, or alone should you so wish, to survive in a post apocalyptic world.

The storyline seems quite strange, but nonetheless still very post-apocalyptic. Globally forests expand at unseen rates, probably destroying food production and the likes. The world tries to fight back and stop the spreading of uncontrollable forests with military means but fails and is in constant retreat. Then a herbicide is developed, which promises to control the spreading. Civilization celebrates as the “cure” is developed, but soon after, in the year 2020, massive toxic pollen clouds form over the world’s cities. The majority of the world’s population is ravaged as the ecological epidemic takes hold.

You take the role of the survivors, those who rode out the ecological catastrophe and did not die. The players have to complete missions for a variety of different factions in the post apocalyptic wasteland of Russia. Players earn money and status for doing so, pretty much identical to the way S.T.A.L.K.E.R was played. Players can choose to work together in co-op missions, form teams for player against player battles or just play a “free play” style game. The game takes both elements of RPG and FPS whilst integrating the MMO aspect.



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