Survey Finds Adults Check their Smartphones 352 times a Day!

I absolutely detest smartphones. – Not because I have anything against the technology per se. It’s more from the viewpoint that I just consider them to largely be an inferior version of better or more suited products. If I want to post something on my social media, for example, I’ll boot up my PC. Yes, I’d rather spend the 2-3 minutes doing that than taking 1 continually mistyping a simple sentence on my smartphone!

With that being said though, there are clearly some people who love them, or, at least, have come to somewhat depend upon them.

What are your own personal smartphone habits like though? – Well, according to a report via TechSpot, one recent survey has found that, on average, adults are checking their smartphones around 352 times every single day!

And presuming you’re getting around 8 hours of sleep, that works out to roughly once every 3 minutes!

Survey Finds Adults Check Their Smartphone 352 Times a Day!

Following a survey conducted by Asurion, 2,000 adults (of various ages) were questioned regarding their smartphone usage. As part of the results, it found that the average consensus reported that people were checking their devices (on average) around 352 times every single day. A figure that, when compared to a similar survey conducted back in 2019, has seen the number increase by nearly 4 times!

Perhaps more alarmingly, of those questioned, 76% reported that they now considered their phone to be a necessity. In other words, something that they (apparently) couldn’t live and/or work without!

Ultimately, it’s pretty clear that they didn’t survey me as my response would’ve probably (and entirely legitimately) been only 4-5 times a day. I tend to ignore most of the bleeps and bloops my phone makes in the understanding that, if someone wants me badly enough, they’ll just call.

What do you think though? How often do you think you check your smartphone every day? Could you live without one? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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