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Survival RTS Game ‘Conan Unconquered’ Arrives on May 30th

Petroglyph’s Latest, Now Available for Pre-Order

A new real-time strategy game from Petroglyph set in the Conan the Barbarian universe is set to arrive on May 30th.

Petroglyph is of course the development company comprised of ex-Westwood employees. The same guys who made the original and remastering the Command and Conquer RTS series.

Like other classic RTS, users will be building up their strong hold in order to fend off the hordes of enemies. However, this has a “survival” element to it, which makes it closer to a tower defense type game. Users can play alone or in two-player co-op in order to defeat wave after wave of enemies.

Users can choose between a Standard Edition ($29.99) and a Deluxe Edition ($39.99). Both are available for pre-order through the game’s website or through the Steam Store. The Standard Edition comes with a digital comic book adaptation of Black Colossus, which Conan Unconquered is based on.

The Deluxe Edition on the other hand includes the following bonuses:

  • Exclusive content: Kalanthes, a spell-casting hero unit
  • Exclusive content: King Conan hero unit
  • Digital game soundtrack
  • Original Conan Unconquered eBook

Conan Unconquered Trailer

See the trailer for yourself below to see the game in action.

Ron Perillo

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