Swiftech Reveal H320 “360mm” AIO Open Loop Liquid Cooler

/ 4 years ago


Swiftech’s H220, which we reviewed here, was a breath of fresh air for the AIO market. It brought a high level of quality, performance and finesse to the market that we hadn’t really seen before. Previously the market had been dominated by budget-orientated closed loop solutions but the Swiftech H220 was a performance orientated open-loop solution meaning it was expandable. It may not have been cheaper than the competition but it was certainly a lot better as shown by the fact the Swiftech H220 is still sold out at most retailers across the world and Swiftech simply cannot produce it fast enough.


That said Swiftech are now making a larger version of their H220. The new version uses an identical design except with a 360mm radiator over the 240mm radiator on its predecessor. The Swiftech H320 will offer better performance as a result of the larger radiator and will also cost slightly more than the H220, my estimate is around 15% more. Swiftech didn’t specify pricing but said about $20 more seemed logical. They also went on to state that anyone looking to grab a Swiftech H220 will see stock appearing in the coming weeks or as they put it the stock “situation is about to change, I GUARANTEE IT”.

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Images courtesy of Swiftech (Facebook)

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2 Responses to “Swiftech Reveal H320 “360mm” AIO Open Loop Liquid Cooler”
  1. Hero85 says:

    Good product but I fear the price might turn out to be too high. So it’s best for people to go for complete custom kits.

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