Swordsmith “Man At Arms” Recreates Kratos’ Blades of Chaos

/ 4 years ago

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Man at Arms is one of the coolest YouTube shows around with over a million subscribers to its name, and is run by a man who has created hundred of famous weapons from film, TV and gaming. Every week Tony Swatton forges his viewers favourite weapons, including swords from Lord of the Rings, Conan The Barbarian and a whole lot more, but this week he has created something very special indeed, the Blades of Chaos from the epic PlayStation series God of War.

Actions speak louder than words on this one and we could describe the incredible detail of his work for hours, but take the next 7 minutes of your life to watch this video. Personally I would love to have this hanging on the wall of my office, but I dare not wonder how much it would cost to commission something like this.

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What sword would you like to see created by Tony?

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