Synology Launches New DiskStation DS115J 1bay Quiet NAS Server

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Synology has launched a new NAS device, the DiskStation DS115J. A compact, energy saving and quiet 1-bay NAS server dedicated to serving as your private cloud and smart network video recorder. A device that promises a budget-friendly price tag without compromising the performance.

The DS115J is one of the few devices designed specifically for the home environment. Its power saving features allows it to perform at just 13 watts under full load and 3.85 watts when the hard drive enters hibernation mode. Synology also applied noise dampening designs in order to make this NAS as quiet as possible, bringing it down to just 18.1dB(A).

“With DS115j, home users can now enjoy the rich data sharing and multimedia streaming features offered by Synology at an entry-level price point,” said Nicole Lin, Product Manager of Synology Inc.

The performance doesn’t suffer though, as the device promises read speeds at 103 MB/s, this is an increase of 28% compared to its predecessor. This is achieved by using a CPU with built-in Floating-Point Unit (FPU), the Marvell Armada 370 that runs at 800MHz. The NAS has 256 MB DDR3 ram which should be sufficient for a 1-bay device like this. It supports the new 6TB drives and any other 3½ inch SATA drive. It also supports 2½ inch drives, but with an optional Disk Holder. On connections, the DS115J offers a Gigabit Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports.

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DS115j also serves as a full-featured network video recorder to leverage Synology Surveillance Station. DS115j comes with 2 free IP camera licenses and supports up to 5 cameras, making it an ideal surveillance solution for homes and SOHOs. All the other features we love from Synology’s DiskStation Manager are present in this device too and it’s a familiar surround to return to for any previous Synology user. This includes the QuickConnect feature that is similar to Dynamic DNS (DDNS) with the key difference that you don’t need to configure anything for it to work and you don’t even need a public IP address, something fewer and fewer have these days.

Synology DiskStation DS115j is now shipping globally and should start out with a price tag around €90,00, £78,00 and $117,00 based upon the prices I could find at the time of writing and the RRP. That is about a fourth of the price less, compared to the previous model.

Thank you Synology for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Synology.

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