System Shock Remake Dev Insists Game Is Still Being Made

System Shock Remake Is Still being made

For many, System Shock is one of the most classic and iconic PC releases ever made. Combining first-person elements with horror, despite not selling a colossal amount of copies, it still manages to carve itself a slice as one of the most beloved retro gaming titles. It was therefore met with delight by fans when Nightdive Studios revealed that they had obtained the rights and were planning to remake the original game.

Promptly hitting Kickstarter (as all of these projects seem to do these days) it quickly smashed its target and development was underway. So far so good right? Well, in recent months reports have emerged that would suggest that the project was in deep difficulty. In the most recent report, the game’s developer announced that all work on the game had ceased. They announced this saying that production had stopped as the game ‘was not going in the right direction’.

With this announcement, many fans, particularly those who backed the Kickstarter, were worried about where the game stood. Some even thought that it was going to be canned entirely. Well, the good news is that Nightdive Studios, in a report via Eurogamer, has insisted the game is still in development.

Some good news, some bad news!

For some reason, that is a little unclear as to the details, Nightdive Studio was not happy with the direction of their original remake. Citing that what they were working on ‘didn’t feel like System Shock’ it seems that work on that project has been scrapped, at least in part.

Speaking of the future of the project though they have issued a statement wishing to re-assure fans.

“Our intention is to ship exactly the game that was promised. With as much of the features that were promised as we can, in a timeframe that will get it out as fast as we can.” – NightDive Studios

Now, despite this, to me, this should be taken as good news. Given that the studio clearly felt that they were going in the wrong direction, they at least had the courage to put on the brakes and reevaluate the project. While this still does not mean that the final product will be good, their recognition of a problem does make it more likely.

There is, however, a slight downside to this announcement. In it, they have now suggested that a final release should not be expected before Q1 2020. It does, however, at least seem to indicate that the remake is on the way.

What do you think? Are you pleased with this announcement? Do you think the developers made the right decision? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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