T-Mobile Enables its New “Wideband LTE” Capable of 100Mbps+

/ 3 years ago

t-mobile-sign-3208T-Mobile has just enabled its next-gen 4G LTE service in Manhattan, with the carrier calling it “Wideband LTE”. T-Mobile’s new Wideband LTE is capable of massive speeds, in excess of 100Mbps in some cases.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said in a press release “New Yorkers deserve a network that moves at the blazing speed of this amazing city. Our LTE network was already fastest here. Now, with the launch of Wideband LTE, we’ve widened our lead even further throughout the greater metro area. We are working relentlessly to bring more Wideband LTE to more markets in 2015 for our customers to enjoy.

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The new Wideband LTE service is spread throughout the United States, with the company adding that not only in Manhattan live, but the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and Northern NJ all have the super-fast LTE access.

Source: BGR.

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