TAG Heuer Announce Their First Smartwatch, Powered By Intel

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TAG Heuer has announced its first smartwatch, with its upcoming wearable being powered by an Intel processor. Business Insider is reporting that the company will show it off at CES 2015 in January, with it reaching consumers’ wrists sometime in Q1 2015.

The new watch will look similar to TAG Heuer’s previous watches, unlike most smartwatches that try to be too unique, forgetting they’re meant to be watches. The upcoming TAG Heuer smartwatch will sport an Intel Quark processor, which features one Pentium P54C core, an LPDDR2 memory controller and a bunch of I/O capabilities. We don’t know what software will be inside of the watch, or its sensors and other capabilities. TAG Heuer could swing toward Tizen (which is co-developed by Intel) or it could tap Google’s Android Wear OS.

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I guess we’ll find out more in just a month’s time at CES 2015!

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One Response to “TAG Heuer Announce Their First Smartwatch, Powered By Intel”
  1. Wayne says:

    I wondered when the proper watch makers were going to get in on the smartwatch fad and offer up something decent and more worthwhile, lets hope TAG Heuer crashes this little party in style. Smartwatches as we know them now are pointless, unnecessary and expensive gadgets, all of them, they’re not worth the fancy boxes they come packaged in.

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