Taiwanese teen dies from over-playing a Blizzard game

/ 6 years ago

In an unfortunate series of events, Blizzard has yet another game related death attached to its brand image. An 18 year old Taiwanese male, whose surname was Chuang, died after playing nearly 2 days straight of an unidentified Activision Blizzard game.

Chuang reportedly booked a private room at a Café in Taiwan on noon of July the 13th and two days later on the morning of July the 15th an attendant found him resting on a table in the room. The attendant woke him up, Chuang got up, but only took a few steps before collapsing onto the floor.

He was then rushed immediately to the hospital where unfortunately he was pronounced dead due to cardiovascular problems, probably induced from a combination of a lack of sleep and extended sedimentary positioning. Chuang’s death due to long hours of gaming marks the second time in Taiwan that a person has died from extended gameplay.

This is definitely a case of gaming gone too far, is it time measures were put into place to prevent things like this happening again or is it just a small minority that don’t know when enough is enough? Let us know what you think about this shocking story from Taiwan.



One Response to “Taiwanese teen dies from over-playing a Blizzard game”
  1. Kev Thomas says:

    People over indulge in every aspect of life, be it food, drink, drugs or playing games. You cannot prevent somebody from being obsessive or just plain stupid enough to know when to stop doing something. Feel sorry for the guys family and friends but this is just another example of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

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