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TalkTalk Confirms UK Broadband Outages

If you’re a TalkTalk broadband customer and are currently on hold trying to get through to their technical support, perhaps we can help assist you in a much faster manner. If you have been experiencing problems with your internet this morning, we can both shed some light on it and also give you some good news!

Firstly, and admittedly this isn’t the good part, TalkTalk has confirmed that there was a disruption to their broadband service between 10 am-11:30 am this morning. So, what’s the good news I hear you ask? Well, if you did have this problem, there’s nothing ‘specifically’ wrong with your line, and, all going well, the issue has now (hopefully) been fixed!

TalkTalk Confirms Broadband Outages

Earlier today many TalkTalk customers took to the internet (presumably via their smartphones) to report that they were having problems connecting to the internet. In confirmation of the problem, TalkTalk has posted on Twitter that there was indeed an issue, but it has, thankfully, since been resolved.

While TalkTalk hasn’t specifically commented as to what caused the problem, I have heard a few rumors that while people were able to ‘generally’ connect to the internet, when they attempted to visit Google-specific websites (such as the search engine or YouTube) they would find themselves getting an error.

Problem? – Solved!

As above, the good news is that this issue only appears to have occurred over a period of 2 hours. So if you are one of their customers and have had problems, a quick check of your service now should (all going well) find it entirely back to normal. As such, if you have been on hold for an hour to speak to their technical support team, you can probably hang-up. Well, presuming that your internet is now back on track!

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Mike Sanders

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