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Here we are at the Club3D both at the Target Open Day; this is their first time at this event, but they’ve got loads of cool products on display for us to investigate, as well as a really fun gaming challenge. They’ve brought along their favourite pro gamer and set him up on Unreal Tournament 3, score a kill and grab yourself an AMD Never Settle Reloaded gaming code, win the game and get yourself a gold; naturally I got by butt handed to me, but I had a blast doing it and it’s been fun watching him sit there and make a mockery of everyone who thought they stood a chance.


Out on show are Club3Ds latest and greatest graphics cards, including their stunning Radeon R9 290X royalAce and R9 280 royalKing.


They’ve got a superb display rig on show, featuring the gorgeous Corsair Air 540 chassis and a pair of Club 3D graphics cards with their impressive Cool Stream cooling solution.

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Those who managed to score really well in the gaming challenge would have won themselves an R9 280 RoyalKing, but so far I didn’t hear of anyone who had! However, if anyone does win, or has won, then the prize is certainly awesome, perhaps their gamer will start showing some fatigue towards the end of the day.


Their latest connectivity solutions are on show, including the MST hub and other display port hubs and USB 3.0 to display devices; perfect for those running multiple monitor setups.



That’s all from the Club3D booth for now, but we’ll be back very shortly with more coverage from the event.

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  1. Wayne says:

    I could be wrong but I think Club 3D used to be exclusively a nVidia AIB at one time, much like XFX was. I haven’t seen one of their products on these shores in years which is a pity, I remember them having decent quality, value for money stuff (Club 3D that is, XFX is common here).

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