TDK Demonstrate Ultra Fast MRAM Prototype

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TDK have begun to demonstrate their new MRAM memory technology, which is one of several new technologies expected to replace the current range of flash memory products. MRAM benefits from the high speeds we associate with SRAM and DRAM, but it comes with the non-volatile memory formats we need to store data for years, like we currently get with flash memory.

MRAM or Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory is nothing new, but this is the first time TDK have demonstrated a working prototype of their STT MRAM chip that is capable of reading and writing. The demo on display features the new chip vs current flash memory technology, the real show stopped here being that MRAM was capable of reading and writing data seven times faster than its flash competitor; 8MB modules were used in the demonstration.

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Eager to get your hands on MRAM drives? Unfortunately it could be a while and TDK currently estimates it could be as much as ten years before the hardware is in mass production as for now, current technologies are more than good enough for most needs, but obviously that is expected to change as technology advances. That doesn’t mean we won’t see this technology making its way into devices and it’s likely to end up in industrial and scientific applications way before it works its way down to the general consumer level, but Buffalo are already said to be using it as a cache chip for a new hard drive, a perfect small scale application for the new technology.

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