Team announces two new flash drives

/ 6 years ago

Team Group Inc. have recently announced two new flash drives which have both been unveiled at the GITEX exhibition: the C117 and the TL01.

Both featuring a different product style, they’re both aimed to blend into the urban lifestyle.

The C117 is made with one-piece stainless steel materials and its surface has been specially processed with high-tech 3D titanium coating along which has been incorporated features like wear-resistance, scratch-resistance, anti-fingerprint etc. All of it embedded in a matte black colour to keep a simple yet stylish appearance.

Aside from the style, the specifications are rather usual, it still is equipped with USB 2.0 with capacities ranging between 2 and 16 GB. Weighting around 6 grams, the lightweight is combined with the small size of 34×12.2×4.6mm (LxWxH), offering both portability and space saving features.


The TL01 on the other hand is more on the small details with double-stitched leather along delicate white decorations and ring, making it one highly stylish USB keychain.

Using a rotational design to avoid any damage, the TL01 also uses the USB 2.0 but the capacity gets wider, ranging between 2 and 32 GB. It is , however, slightly bigger and heavier than the C117, with 20 grams and 75x26x15 mm (LxWxH). It’s available in both black and brown with the leather featuring wear-resistance and durability.

None of them have been given their official price and release date yet, but Team Group’s dedication to provide the best includes a lifetime warranty with repair and replacement services for both devices.

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