Team Group M131 16GB Dual Flash Drive Review

Mobile OTG Impressions

Using this flash drive on your mobile smart device is just as easy as any other flash drive in your computer. You plug it in and it works, at least for 99% of the cases. If you have changed the default USB behavior, like limited it to ‘charging only’ for example, then you’ll need to change them again to use the drive. Otherwise, plug it in and start copying your files or create backup of your content. In case you don’t have a file manager on your smart device already, the ES File Explorer is a great option and one that is available in almost any App Store.

On my tablet the drive was recognized, or rather labeled as a memory card rather than a USB stick, something that might be a little confusing to some people. But since I didn’t have a memory card plugged in at the time of testing, it was obvious. The flash drive can’t be faulted for that, but rather the Android platform that still has some way to go. Labeling aside, below is a screenshot where you can see the available space as well as options to unmount the drive for safe removal and erasing the entire drive.

One of the great things about the Team Group M131 is that it doubles as an OTG adapter for any other USB device, making them compatible with your OTG enabled device. Using this adapter working like a charm with my default USB Keyboard as well as my wireless Logitech K800 with nano receiver. Plug it in and possibly select the keyboard layout if it variates from your physical layout, and start typing. So what else works? Well, my USB mouse had no trouble either and was instantly recognized and that includes the programmed and onboard stored macros and special functions such as browser-back on the thumbs button.

Picking a random USB flash drive from my storage and plugging it into the adapter worked every time and just as well as the original. This is awesome, you buy one new flash drive and it makes all your old one OTG compatible through the adapter. I’m loving it.

Those who know me or read my previous work also know that I ain’t a fan of working on touchscreens. Having an OTG adapter and enabled device finally allows me to use my smart device as a smart device, and not just a gadget to collect dust most of the time.

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Bohs Hansen

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