Team Group Announces L5 LITE Solid State Drive

/ 12 months ago

Team Group L5 Lite

Team Group announced its latest Solid State Drive called the L5 LITE and it is intended to be a used as an HDD replacement in both mobile and stationary systems. There are many reasons to upgrade to an SSD from your old-school HDD, but the main reasons are speed and shock resistance.

The new Team Group L5 LITE performs with up to 530 MB/s at read operations and up to 420MB/s at write operations, that is for the 480GB model. Other models include 240GB, 120GB, and 60GB options. The performance variates a little from model to model, but you can read out the individual stats in the chart further down. The random performance is also quite nice for a budget drive and the L5 LITE performs with up to 70K IOPS at both read and write operations.

Team Group L5 Lite lineup

The feature list of the Team Group L5 LITE include basics such as TRIM and SMART as well as Garbage collection, wear-leveling technology, and Error Correction Code to enhance durability and endurance of the drive.

With a weight of just 60 grammes, the drive will be perfect for use in portable units such as Laptops and Netbooks with a 2.5-inch drive option. The increased shock durability is another bonus here as a drop or hard set-down with a mechanical drive in operation will damage the drive. A solid state drive can handle this with ease. Of course, you shouldn’t throw your things around, but it’s great to have extra protection when accidents happen.

Team Group L5 Lite specs

Team Group is backing the L5 LITE drive with a 3-year limited warranty and it features a standard 1 million hours mean time before failure rating.

The 240GB model of Team Groups L5 Lite is already available online where it can be found for £89.48. The other capacity options will surely be available shortly.

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