Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz C10 Memory Kit Review

/ 4 years ago

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Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (1)

When high performance memory from gamers and overclockers is mentioned Team Group certainly isn’t the first name on my mind. However, today I’ve been provided with a kit that I hope will prove me to be wrong in not recognising Team Group as a top brand. The Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz kit Team Group have provided us with, or the TLAD38G2400HC10TDC01 to be exact, is a well priced 8GB memory kit that packs all the hallmarks of a solid memory kit: a lifetime warranty, a black PCB and the promise of overclocking potential, not to mention a variety of colours that are a bit unusual including Orange and Gold.

Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (2)

The aesthetics are certainly unique. The Orange heat spreader with a black PCB is perfect for something like a Gigabyte Z87X-OC or OC-Force. These kits do also come in 8GB DIMM densities, according to the Team Group website, if 4GB isn’t enough for you but for most people an 8GB (2 x 4GB) dual channel kit is perfectly adequate.

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Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (3) Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (4)

On our motherboard they actually match pretty well even though it is a red and black theme.

Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (5)

The dark nature of the orange means it is quite subtle and it certainly isn’t going to stand out from your rig even if your motherboard isn’t orange. The Gold model looks like a particularly exciting prospect too given the Gold theme ASUS have deployed on all their new Z87 motherboards.

Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz (6)

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