Team Group Xtreem Vulcan DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

/ 4 years ago

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Team Group are a memory brand that a large number of people may not have heard of and in the UK this is particularly true as not many people know of the brand when mentioned. They are building their presence however and since we looked at their Xtreem LV kit back in October last year, Overclockers UK now stock a large selection of the LV kits.

Based on the LV kit the Vulcan kit that we’ve got today is advertised by Team Group as being the memory for overclockers, which gives us a whole heap of hope that this has got a lot to give when it comes to our performance testing later on.

The kit we’re looking at today is 8GB of the 1600MHz variety so we’ll be looking to get it past the 2000MHz barrier and up when overclocking and allowing our Asus motherboard to lapse the timings accordingly to suit. We know that Team Group have got the foundations set with us as a brand that is not that well known and they have already built on that so lets see how this ‘overclockers’ kit matches up to other kits on the market.

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Like we saw previously with the Xtreem LV kits, the Xtreem Vulcan comes in a card pack which rips open along the upper edge to slide the tray out holding the modules.

Looking a little closer at the modules we find a far more refined design with a far lower profile over the LV kits enabling for better compatibility with larger CPU coolers. Measuring in at 35mm tall, the modules have a set of red heatspreaders that feature the Team Group logo to one end and the Xtreem branding to the other with the flash ICs built on to a plain green PCB underneath.

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  • It doesn’t really matter. Real world usage 1600MHz is all you need for Intel based machines. Fastest RAM is not the big performance enhancer it was back in the day.

  • They offer the same performance overclocked as the MPower 2400MHz kit at stock (and ADATA XPG 2133MHz kit at stock), yet runs at 1800MHz. They cost £40 versus £70, I don’t see what is mediocre or bad about this kit. It overclocks as promised, yes it doesn’t reach 1866MHz but if it did what would be the point of buying the next kit up? It is a solid value and looking kit for the money.

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