TeamGroup Launches the T-Force Delta RGB SSD Series


TeamGroup has launched several new memory products for the past several weeks. Now they are announcing the launch of a new product for storage. The T-Force Delta RGB SSD series is exactly as the name says. It is a SATA-based storage solution taking aesthetic cues from TeamGroup’s T-Force gaming product line. These 2.5″ devices come in both white or black versions, with two different RGB LED connector headers for analog or digital LED.

What RGB LED Header Does the TeamGroup Delta RGB SSD Use?

Two versions exist: The Delta S (Simple) and the Delta M (Magnificent). The Delta S uses the standard analog 12V RGB header with an optional 5th white header. So its pinout goes W, +12V, G,R,B in succession. The Delta Magnificent on the other hand, uses a digital %V ADD header. It can use either the +5V, Date, Null, Ground header or the V,D,G header type.

What About Performance?

While fancy RGB LEDs are nice, great performance is even better. As for the Delta RGB SSDs, they can reach up to 560MB/s read with 510MB/s write. In terms of IOPS, the 4K IOPS random read reaches up to 90K, while the random write reaches up to 85K IOPS max. This is for the top end 1TB capacity version. Although the 500GB and 250GB versions are not too far off in performance. Only having a slightly slower sequential write max of 500MB/s. As well as a slightly lower max random write of 80K IOPS.

How Much is the TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB SSD?

This SSD will be available worldwide starting June 1st, 2018. The 250GB version of the Delta M starts at just $86 USD. Meanwhile the 500GB version costs $132 USD, and the top 1TB Delta M version will retail for $259 USD. Each come with a 3-year warranty.

Ron Perillo

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