TEAMGROUP Reaches New Overclocking Breakthrough Releasing DDR5 6800 ECC R-DIMM

Leading memory provider TEAMGROUP today has announced a breakthrough in specs for its newest DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory module.


TEAMGROUP’s new breakthrough has an increased clock rate of 5,600MHz, meeting the JEDEC standard for high-performance specifications. In addition, the company has collaborated with well-known motherboard manufacturer ASRock to complete compatibility testing on HEDT platforms equipped with Intel 4th Gen Xeon processors, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, and W790 motherboards. The memory module not only fully supports XMP3.0, but it is also the top overclocking DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory in the market today with a highest clock rate of 6,800MHz.

Sapphire Rapids is Intel’s first server processor to support DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory. When it’s paired with the next-generation W790 workstation motherboard, users can adjust the CPU’s overclocking settings in BIOS and enable the clock speed adjustment feature of DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory. Having undergone strict compatibility and stability testing, the JEDEC-compliant, high-frequency memory comes in both 16GB and 32GB capacity variants to meet the demand for workstation upgrades. The memory is also available in 6,400MHz and 6,800MHz models with XMP3.0 support, providing next-gen HEDT platforms with cutting-edge performance.

High-Quality DDR5

To meet the diverse needs of HEDT workstation applications, DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory is designed with 30µ gold fingers, features dual ECC, and is equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor to increase endurance and reduce thermal issues during overclocking. TEAMGROUP is committed to creating the highest-quality products and offering innovative and diverse storage and memory solutions. As platform technologies continue to evolve, the company will work hand-in-hand with consumers around the world to create a new generation of high-speed DDR5 memory and provide revolutionary breakthroughs.

Where Can I Learn More

If you would like to learn more about this new DDR5 breakthrough you can on TeamGroups Official Website here.

Jakob Aylesbury

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