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TeamGroup T-CREATE 3200 Mhz DDR4 Memory Review


I’m actually not surprised with the results here at all, and that’s because there really were no big surprises at all. It’s a pretty standard kit in terms of specifications really, 3200 MHz is pretty easy and while I mean this in a polite way, it’s a fairly average speed, or a commonly used one at least. That being said, it’s a good speed and we’ve got some very solid performance here. It’s actually just a little behind TeamGroups gaming memory, but given that memory is both more expensive and has a bigger cooler design, that’s actually to be expected.


Overclocking did work, and the memory seems very happy to post at 3600 MHz by adjusting the multiplier. However, it didn’t net much improvement and in some tests it can even be the same or worse. The memory is clearly very happy at the XMP profile. You could perhaps tighten the timings a little bit but honestly, it’s really not work the effort on a kit like this. Those wanting to really overclock their memory should start with a set that’s more designed for that kind of performance testing.

CineBench R15



3DMark Fire Strike

PCMark 10 Productivity

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Peter Donnell

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