TeamGroup T-Force RoG 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3000 MHz DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Performance Benchmarks


This is a very fast memory kit, so it’s no surprise that it ever so slightly beats out the competition here.

Pushing the clocks up further didn’t have much of an impact for Cinebench, but even a small gain is still a gain.


The overall scores for AIDA64 are about where we would expect, with robust read, write and copy times keeping up or beating all other dual channel kits we’ve tested.

Overclocking had a big impact here, with the read, write and copy times improving by almost 5000, 2015, and 3022 MB/s respectively.

Memory latency is superb, with a time that’s just under what the competition are offering.

Fortunately, overclocking didn’t increase the time either, bringing it down to a very impressive 58.2ns.

SiSoft Sandra

The T-Force continues to put out consistent results but falls every so slightly behind the Ballistix Elite in this test.

Overclocking soon got the T-Force back in the game here, beating out the Elite in Float performance and matching it in Aggregate and Integer.


Another good result here, within a close margin of all the other memory kits tested so far.

Pushing the clocks up didn’t have a huge impact, but it did cut the time a little; still about on par with other kits.

3DMark Fire Strike

For Firestrike, the T-Force put up another respectable score, only marginally behind the Tactical and Elite kits.

Overclocking didn’t gain much improvement, but for those eager to get the best benchmark scores, every little helps!

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