Tech Armor Mobile PowerBank Roundup Review


In the modern interconnected world, human beings rely on portable electronics to communicate with friends, set up business meetings, enjoy captivating video games and watch amusing videos on numerous streaming services. As a result, many of these devices contain batteries which deplete relatively quickly. This can be catastrophic if you’re travelling and suddenly have no means of contacting friends or family members. Engaging in any battery intensive tasks will restrict its longevity on a single charge. This is extremely problematic because a large portion of smartphones and tablets opt for a closed design with soldered batteries. Therefore, you can’t simply purchase a spare battery for added peace-of-mind.

One ingenious solution stems from powerbanks which feature varying mAh ratings based on the battery size. These units are incredibly handy to rapidly charge your device and inject a new lease of life into power-hungry products. On another note, powerbanks easily fit into a backpack and offer exceptional flexibility. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine venturing to any press events without a few powerbanks and they’re commonly deployed to charge equipment for photography purposes. Today, we’re taking a look at Tech Armor’s entire range of powerbanks which comes in 3000mAh, 6000mAh, 120000mAh and 20800mAh capacities. Each unit is backed by a generous two-year warranty and implements a rather stylish design philosophy. I’m fascinated to see how they perform in extreme working scenarios and determine if there’s a new contender to dethrone my current setup of Antec Lifebars.


Each model comes in a relatively compact box sporting a product snapshot on the front. The packaging also outlines the warranty period and mAh rating. The rear section provides a guide about the charging abilities of the company’s powerbank range to help users select the unit which suits their individual requirements. Included with each unit is a powerbank and Micro USB cable.

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John Williamson

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