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Tech Buying Guide For The Halloween Shopper!

Ok, so we’ll admit that Halloween isn’t exactly the ‘prime’ holiday for the compulsive purchasing of technology. Admit it though, you’ve probably spent some money on a piece of crap decoration that’s just going to end up in your bin on November 1st. So why not try and see if you can maybe save some cash and spoil yourself by getting some cool gadgets with Halloween potential that you possibly won’t feel too awkward in still using at Christmas!

Let’s have a look at some of your options!

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb – £36.14

The chances are that if you’re really into your technology you probably have a few smart lightbulbs dotted around the house. Have you ever considered replacing them with some that come with flame effects though?

I must admit that these look pretty cool and if you have some exterior lights to your house, would look absolutely amazing!

You can check them out via the link here!

ELEPHAS GC333 Portable Projector – £69.99

You can do a lot with a portable projector. You can watch films, TV or just put some images on the wall for that little decorative touch. So think of it this way, on Halloween night you can have some spooky skeletons projected on your curtains. Come tomorrow you can point it at the wall and watch the football!

If can learn more about it via the link here!

Fog Machine with LED Lights – £32.99

Sticking with a similar theme, while a fog machine isn’t necessarily something you would use on a daily basis, it does have some solid applications. Be it to add a little ‘spookiness’ to your Halloween house entrance or maybe at the kids birthday party. Who knows, perhaps you’re even a budding stage artist who has a love of 1980’s pop music. – Either way, for just £32.99, this isn’t a lot of money!

You can check it out via the link here!

Qedertek Led Strip Lights – £9.99

Be they in a PC or behind the TV, we’re seeing more and more people turn towards LED lighting strips as a cheap and convenient way to give your technology that little extra added touch of bling.

For Halloween, the potential is there for you to set up some spooky colors and lighting effects. That should really help to get yourself into the holiday spirit!

You can check these out via the link here!

50 Inch UHD 4K TV – £324.60

If you don’t care much for the horror and thrills of Halloween as a holiday, why not simply sit in front of the TV and put a scary film on? Sounds good to me!

With this 50″ UHD 4K TV from TCL (a brand that is quickly gaining an excellent reputation) you can watch your favorite film, close the curtains and if anyone knocks at your door asking for sweets, either turn the volume up or just pretend you didn’t hear them! (That’s what I usually do!)

You can check this pretty sweet (TCL brand) via the link here!

What’s Your Favourite Halloween Tech

The above is just a small selection of stuff you can buy that will give you at least some practical use for your money once the Halloween holidays are over. What do you think is a good purchase for this though? – Let us know in the comments!

You can check out more of our Halloween themed content via the link here!

Mike Sanders

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