Technological Breakthrough Could Replace Injections for Vaccinations

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A team of scientists have discovered a new way to administer vaccinations without the need for traditional injections. This revolutionary procedure is less intrusive and operates through a layer which dissolves into the skin. Subsequently, this should virtually eliminate contamination, reduce medical costs and require less specialized staff. Furthermore, the research paper suggests that the process will become more effective than hypodermic needles. Professor Nakagawa, one of the researchers said,

“We were excited to see that our new microneedle patch is just as effective as the needle-delivered flu vaccines, and in some cases even more effective,” 

“We have shown that the patch is safe and that it works well. Since it is also painless and very easy for non-trained people to use, we think it could bring about a major change in the way we administer vaccines globally,”

This new form of immunization entitled, MicroHyala was tested on a sample of 40 volunteers and subjected to 3 stands of influenza before applying the vaccination.  The results showed that those using the MicroHyala system responded positively and experienced enhanced immunity levels versus other patients. Additionally, there were no instances of allergic reaction which may indicate the procedure is safe for widespread use. However, the sample size is very small so there’s no definitive proof that this wasn’t simply down to generic strength.

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In theory, the painless application should reduce disease as patients are more willing to undergo this new method to fight off flu symptoms. Also, advanced training isn’t needed which means third world countries should be able to administer the microneedles on a large scale without being a huge medical expense.

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