Tegra 3 arrives on the first mini-ITX motherboard

/ 5 years ago

Tegra 3 is an impressive chip in terms of what it can deliver at such a low price point (just $21 for the chip) and power envelope which is in this case less than 7W. The Tegra 3 makes a decent performing system possible, as well as making Android based gaming a reality too – as shown by the Ouya games console.

Kontron, a company specialising in embedded computing technology solutions, is developing the world’s first (as far as we know anyway) motherboard in the mini-ITX form factor that integrates a Tegra 3 processor. The KTT30/mITX packs four ARM Cortex A9 cores at 0.9GHz and Nvidia graphics with 12 cores that offer 3X the graphics performance of Tegra 2.

Given the fact the Tegra 3 can playback HD content in resolutions up to 2048×1536 this embedded motherboard solution is up to most playback tasks thanks to the Tegra 3’s 1080p H264 MPEG-4 encoding/decoding Video Processor. This particular embedded solution will support three independent displays.

Other Connectivity is abundant: USB 2.0, SD Card, phone SIM (3G compatible), mPCIe, mSATA, Ethernet, HDMI, LVDS, RS232, Bootable eMMC, Sound Line in/out/mic and S/PDIF audio.

No Pricing info is available yet but this board looks like another fantastic all-in-one system board for consumers to choose from except with a lot more punch than what we’ve seen from the Rasperry Pi and Gooseberry board. Expect it to hit the market very soon and if we get an update we will bring you some prices.

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