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TerraMaster OS (TOS) 4 Software Introduction

Users, Groups, and Shared Folders

You can not have a NAS without three things, users, user groups, and shared folders. Well, you can, but it is a lot less fun. You can also leave out the groups, but believe me, they make the management a lot easier.

User Management

You can create a nearly endless amount of users, one for everyone you want to give access to your NAS and the files stored on it.

Each user can have assigned storage quotas as well as a security email address and SSH access. Or you can leave it at a name and a password.

User Groups

User groups make the management a lot easier. Instead of assigning rights to every user individually, you assign them to a group. Now you set your access privileges for the group instead of every single user individually. Without a doubt, a lot of users will share the same access rights.

Each group has the same access options as a single user does. You can assign specific rights to each shared folder.

Shared Folders

Shared folders are what you’ll be seeing as network drives on your systems. Create as many as you like on your various drive volumes. Each share has individual rights for users and group-based rights as well.

You can also mount ISO files as network drives. A useful feature for ISO’s you’ve grabbed of commonly used drives.

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