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TerraMaster OS (TOS) 4 Software Introduction

Information and Monitoring

The last part of the basic features is the information and monitoring system. We’ve already seen the notification options, but for notifications to be possible, the system needs events to notify us about. There’s also some information to be had here.

Information and Status

Let us start with the information. First, we have the Hardware Information. Here we get basic information about the CPU, memory, and cooling of the unit.

Service Status

The fastest way to check whether a service is running or not is in the Service Status. All the built-in features are shown here with extra information where applicable.

Resource Monitor

The Ressource Monitor allows you to get a clearer picture of everything. The CPU is detailed by core and over time.

The memory is also shown with a time graph. A general summary is shown at the bottom.

The storage information is limited to a pie chart of used space for each volume.

Network bandwidth is divided by connection. You can view individual ports as well as the bond you’ve created.

Last but not least, you can look up which processes take up all your CPU time or memory.

System Logs

The system logs keep track of, yes you guessed it, the events. The logs are divided into groups such as HTTP, Samba, FTP, SSH, etc. Logs can also be exported.

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