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TerraMaster OS (TOS) 4 Software Introduction

Functionality Expansion through Apps

We’ve created a basic NAS setup with all the previously seen features, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can add a whole lot more through the applications. With a powerful CPU, plenty of RAM, and a multitude of connection ports, there’s the power to run a lot.

Recommended Applications

There are four applications which are recommended, and it isn’t surprising why. They cover most setups needs beside the built-in function.

All Apps

While the above four are the recommended, you’re far from limited by them. There is a long list of extra applications which you can install. While the list isn’t as long as on other brands, it covers most aspects.

Beta Applications

There’s also a list of beta apps or new versions of apps who haven’t made it out of the beta stage yet. Use these with care as there is the possibility of bugs in them.

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Bohs Hansen

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