Tesla Completes World Record Attempt Coast To Coast Drive

/ 4 years ago

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Tesla look their latest Model S electric cars from Los Angeles to New York City in 76 hours in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for cross-country energy efficiency. However, it is not yet clear if the attempt was successful as Guinness World Records are still to issue their verdict on whether that record was broken or not after officials monitored the event.

Setting a new world record would obviously be great news for Tesla, who are clearly more interested in using this as a marketing campaign for their new coast-to-coast Supercharger Network. A series of rapid charge stations that Elon Musk revealed is now 80% complete. It was this charging network that allowed the cars to complete the journey.

The team was hoping to do it in three days or less, but it look them three days and four hours. Fortunately their record was not about speed, but about efficiency and having the advantage of being able to rapid recharge their vehicles will have certainly helped them do it a lot quicker. Once the network is complete Tesla owners will be able to make the same journey and Tesla promises to serve around 98% of the US population with its Supercharger Network by the end of next year.

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Electric cars still have a way to go before they’re on par with the convenience of petrol / diesel and similar fuels, but this latest network is certainly a big step in the right direction and it puts Tesla was out in the lead when it comes to making long-range electric vehicles possible for the average consumer.

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