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Tesla Prepares To Start Charging for “Premium Connectivity”

Although you may not be fortunate enough to actually own a Tesla, you are probably aware that the cars offer a surprisingly high level of technology when it comes to the applications available on its touch-screen interface. In this regard, there has clearly been a lot of (pretty regular and solid) updates for customers as well as many new additions.

In a report via Engadget, however, for some the good times may be coming to an end. Well, at least in part. Why? Well, Tesla has indicated that they’re set to introduce a subscription service for their ‘Premium Connectivity’ services. This isn’t, however, as bad as it might sound.

Tesla to Introduce Subscription Based ‘Premium Connectivity’

There are, as you might expect, more than a few details surrounding how, who, and what this will affect. The good news is that for the vast majority of consumers this will either largely not be a problem at all or, at the very least, merely a mild inconvenience.

So, what is being included in the ‘Premium Connectivity’ service? Well, it basically boils down to two key services. Namely, satellite maps and live traffic visualizations. All other features will remain free but under the new ‘basic’ umbrella.

It should be noted though, if you purchased your Tesla before July 2018, you will still be able to access all of these services without needing to pay the subscription. Let’s call it an ‘early bird’ special.

How Much Will it Cost?

For any of you who purchased your Tesla after July 2018, you are probably curious at this point to how much ‘premium connectivity’ will cost. Well, at $10 a month, the good news is that it’s not eye-wateringly expensive.

On the whole, I honestly don’t think there’s too much to grumble about here. Older customers are not being affected and, at the risk of sounding glib, if you have recently purchased a Tesla you can probably afford to pay $10 a month. That is, of course, presuming that you even want these specific features. I mean, we all knew that this was coming and, now that it’s here, at least Tesla doesn’t want to charge a ridiculous figure for it!

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Mike Sanders

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