Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

/ 2 years ago

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A Closer Look

In the box, you’ll find a simple user guide, as well as a detachable mini-USB to USB braided cable, which also features gold-plated connectors.


Straight away we can see that the keyboard really does have a sleek, flat and very low-profile design. It may look fairly lightweight too, but it’s really not, as it features a cast metal top plate for the switch mounts and top external panel, giving it a fairly hefty weight; although no more or less than most other mechanical keyboards.


This heavy-duty design is a good thing, as with such a thin design, you wouldn’t want the keyboard to flex or bend when you’re using it, and with such a well-reinforced design, there’s no chance of that happening with the Gram.


The slick key caps are very nicely designed, with a clear laser-cut font that’s sure to look great with the RGB lighting powered on. They’re also coated, giving them a soft but very smooth feel that makes them quite enjoyable to keep under your fingertips.


On the F-keys, you’ll find a range of secondary features that can be accessed using the Fn-Shift key. F1-F5 feature quick profile selectors; handy for storing all your layouts and macros.


Windows lock, as well as volume controls here.


As well as basic multimedia controls here. These are great for controlling your music while you’re mid-game, as it saves you from having to tab out; no one ever wants to have to tab out.

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Switch between G/PC mode to lock the Windows key, so that a wrong keystroke doesn’t leave you looking at your Windows desktop when you really should have been defusing a bomb in CS:GO. There’s also the controls for 6/N-Key rollover here, and a quick record button for macros, which are great when you need to quickly set up an awkward command; like farming low-level enemies in an MMO to grind those XP.


A full-size number pad, as well as a clear look at that lovely slim bezel around the edge of the keyboard.


Around the back, just as simple USB connector. I do like that this isn’t a proprietary jack, as it means you could easily use your own after-market cable if you lost or damaged the original.


A flat base, with firm rubber grips on each corner.


As well as two extra-wide and durable kickstands with their own rubber grips.


Finally, we can see those lovely Kailh switches, which feature clear housing to allow for more vibrant LED lighting, which we’ll see in action soon enough.


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  1. PlacidDream . says:

    no dedicated media keys.. no thank you.

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