Teufel Audio Concept C 500 THX PC Speakers

/ 5 years ago

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This week I’ve been spending some quality time with the Teafuel Concept C 500 THX PC Speakers, but these are not just any PC speakers, the biggest clue to that would be the THX logo stuck on the front of them, for those of you who aren’t familiar with what THX is and what they do, its a lot more than just a made up industry buzz word or marketing invented feature.

THX certification means that any system that can wear its logo has undergone scrutiny from the industry professionals at THX to ensure the system meets the highest audio standards possible for audio reproduction

“A deep understanding of the film making process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX Certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers, THX recreates the tonal balance of the film-makers final mix in your living room. The result? Action sequences are impactful, and dialogue-driven moments are natural and engaging” – thx.com

So with that in mind, who are Teufel? Well that can’t be explained better than by Teufel them selves;

“Teufel is Europe’s #1 direct seller of loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in 1980 in Berlin and was met with phenomenal early success in the German specialty market for loudspeakers.  Over the years, Teufel has developed and produced a large number of high-quality audio products. Our portfolio includes home cinema sound systems and multimedia and PC systems, along with various iPod products marketed under the iTeufel name. In 1996 Teufel became the first German company to bring THX-certified loudspeakers to the market. The THX audio standard for home cinema systems is known to be extremely stringent. Today, Teufel offers the world’s largest selection of THX-certified loudspeakers. Our products are only available via direct order, guaranteeing high quality at a low price.”

So with all the history lessons out of the way, lets start by taking a look at what these speakers have to offer.

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