TGT say 1GHz is possible with GTX 560 Ti

/ 7 years ago

Another quick byte in regards to the GTX 560 Ti, but this time from Point of View and the TGT overclocking group that brands many of the POV cards. The GTX 560 Ti features a 822MHz standard GPU clock speed which is found to be limited to overclockers due to the PCB used.

All of this has led to TGT developing a new PCB with two 8-pin PCI-Express power connector opposed to the standard combination of having one 6-pin and one 8-pin resulting in more power to rival it’s big brother; the GTX 580 but this also means you should expect a bit more heat dissipation too.

A new PCB will lead to more power, giving an end result of higher temperatures, but for what purpose? TGT believe that the GTX 560 Ti is capable of going past the 1GHz milestone, and to keep temperatures down, we will see the AC triple Zen cooler with a few features including backplate for the best possible results.

The car will see all of the standard features including CUDA and SLI connectivity but now featuring a steroid like attitude.

No official specs as of yet or any word on pricing or availability, but rest assured that when we know, you’ll know too.

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