Thanks to Recent Hacks, US Lauching New Cyber Warfare Agency

/ 3 years ago


Meet the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, or CTIIC for short, the US’ newest department on the cyber warfare front. Being announced later today by the president’s counter terrorism chief. This new department is a direct result of the recent hacks that fell upon Sony and JPMorgan, which caused President Obama to pledge a beefed up digital security for America.

Washing Post originally reported that one of the main purposes of the new CTIIC will be to sit between all the major agencies, to help aid in the shared data between them, hopefully preventing further attacks of similar nature.

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After the Sony hack, the FBI, NSA, and CIA all had come to different conclusions, rather than agreeing on a single cohesive response.  This essentially was the final straw, prompting this change, allowing for a more unified analysis. The CTIIC will have rather small intial staff of only about 50, but a nice budget of $35 million a year. Its main focus will keep it from conducting any surveillance work on its own.

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