The ASUS equivalent to Kinect finally released

/ 6 years ago

Earlier at this years Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas ASUS revealed a prototype version of their Xtion Pro. Which is essentially a device that uses infrared radiation, a camera and a microphone to detect movement and sounds in a way similar to Kinect which allows users to interact except this time not with an Xbox 360 but a Linux or Windows PC system.

After 6 months of waiting the Xtion Pro will market at around $300 and will be available shortly and apparently has a more advanced “SomatoSensory” system than the Microsoft Kinect model. However, it doesn’t look like ASUS is trying to compete with Microsoft since Microsoft’s Kinect is exclusively an Xbox 360 product and this new ASUS Xtion Pro is targetting the desktop/laptop computer market.

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  • ocd13

    Not true anymore, the kinect is available for pc now or it will be soon.Microsoft have released an sdk for developers to play around with the kinnect on pc 😉

  • aruffell

    What part is not true mate? It just states this is for PC, whereas the Kinect is for Xbox but has PC capability now.

  • ocd13

    "Microsoft's Kinect is exclusively an Xbox 360 product"That bit 😛 just pointing out its not exclusive to Xbox anymore

  • gaetan

    So kinect for PC, does that mean I have to stand 6 feet away from my computer to use it :confused: :p

  • ryanmartin

    Kinect IS exclusively a 360 product until microsoft release a non-360 version under the Kinect branding