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The ASUS ROG Ally Found to Be a Great Emulator For PS3, Xbox 360 and More

The ASUS ROG ALLY has been discovered to be great at emulating various game consoles.

ROG ALLY Great For Emulation

ETA PRIME, retro emulation-focused youtuber channel, have discovered that the ASUS ROG Ally is an excellent handheld for emulating various consoles from Xbox 360, PS3 and even Nintendo Switch. right away in the video, ETA PRIME got obvious out of the way, can the ROG ALLY emulate other handhelds, the PSP. Using PPSSPP they were able to run PSP games at full 1080p 60FPS at just 7W on the APU. They were even able to emulate the Nintendo Switch using Yuzu Switch with 18W getting 60FPS at 1080p. Going to bigger consoles is the Xbox 360 and the PS3 both were able to be emulated with smooth performance even including God of War 3 which is described as being very difficult to emulate. With the ROG Ally they were capable of 60FPS 1080p but unfortunately, that could only be achieved at full 30W of power however, if you’re happy with 30FPS then that can be dropped. You can watch the full video showing off the capabilities below.

Impressive Emulation

It’s interesting to see how well emulators run on this device especially when it comes to the Nintendo Switch because that definitely opens the door to competition against the Switch. Being able to emulate games that you own on another console likely is frowned upon by Nintendo but it definitely provides an interesting position. Instead of having both a Nintendo Switch for your Nintendo games and an ALLY or Steam Deck for your PC games on the go, you can have both on one device.

Does emulation interest you? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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