The D Las Vegas Hotel Casino Adds Bitcoin ATM in the Hotel Lobby and Casino Floor

/ 3 years ago


Bitcoin currency has been around for quite some time now and its use is expanding in all domains. The last news roaming around on the internet is that The D Vegas Casino Hotel added a bitcoin ATM, diversifying the payment methods and transactions for its customers.

Sources indicate that the hotel in question now has an ATM inside its premises allowing customer to exchange U.S. currency and Bitcoins, or deposit cash into bit coin accounts.

Located off the main strip on Fremont Street, The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel was also the first in Las Vegas to accept bitcoins as a payment method. Given its recent addition to the bitcoin empire, it appears that the bitcoin-related transactions are higher than initially expected, according to co-owner Derek Stevens. The exact amount of transactions was not disclosed however.

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In terms of other bitcoin payments, The D accepts it at its front desk, on the casino floor, in its restaurants and at the casino gift shop. Furthermore, shopping malls and other popular shopping destinations are considering and some even in the process of adding bitcoin ATMs, therefore the addition of a bitcoin ATM in the hotel lobby and casino floor is a great way of attracting a more diverse range of customers willing to spend their money.

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