The Elder Scrolls May Be Getting a Netflix Adaptation

Following the success seen with the recent(ish) Netflix adaptation of ‘The Witcher’, it has categorically been proven that if handled correctly, and in going against everything history had taught us before, a TV adaptation of a gaming franchise can actually be good. – It is, therefore, not entirely surprising to hear news that many other franchises will, in the future, also be seeing similar TV show releases with something from both Resident Evil and Fallout apparently on the way.

Following a report via Eurogamer, however, it would appear that The Elder Scrolls may be the next big announcement to be made from the world of game-to-TV adaptations with Netflix reportedly set to secure the rights to the franchise.

The Elder Scrolls is Heading to Netflix?

At the time of writing, we should note that this is entirely rumor with no confirmation being yet given from Bethesda, Microsoft (who you may recall now owns them), or Netflix. It is hard to deny, however, that a TV series adaptation of The Elder Scrolls would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention from gamers. Particularly since the world is so well established and, quite frankly, they’d be a lot of good directions a TV adaptation could go in.

What Do We Think?

As is often the case with a game to tv/film adaptation, there are about 997 ways to get it wrong and only 3 to get it right and, ultimately, it seems that it boils down to who’s in charge and who is writing the script. The Witcher is a fantastic series because it has clearly been put together by people who are very knowledgable of the gaming franchise and that includes lead actor Henry Cavil who, as you may know, is a pretty huge gaming geek!

So, with that in mind, could the Elder Scrolls work as a TV series? – Absolutely! – As above though, there are a lot more ways to get this wrong than right. Hopefully though, with the success seen with The Witcher and Castlevania, the foundations are there in place for this to have every chance at being a success with fans! – Well… Presuming that this is actually happening!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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