‘The End of the World’ is coming to the new siege combat MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy

/ 5 years ago

Reverie World Studios has announced plans for the imminent expansion event to their flagship MMORTS game – Dawn of Fantasy. Due to start next week this massive expansion event, titled The End of the World, promises to greatly enhance the gameplay experience in Dawn of Fantasy’s Online Kingdom. And in Dawn of Fantasy’s best traditions – this expansion event is absolutely free!

The Mayans have predicted it. The media raved about it for over two years. And now it’s finally here… The End of the World is coming to Dawn of Fantasy. It’s not the Aliens, or global warming – it’s much, much scarier. They burn everything in their path, leaving nothing but ash and ruins, exterminating Life itself. The Dragons are coming!

The new expansion event invites players to fight for survival as the game world burns around them. Working alone or in co-op mode players will have to overcome the greatest foe imaginable. All major towns of the realm now lie in ruins, and only by working together will the players be able to reclaim the realm, and avert the end of the world.

This massive expansion event comes with an impressive feature list:

  • Dragon Realm Wide Occupation – Dragons have taken over the entire game world, burning and raising everything in their path. From major towns of the realm to the smallest village – the world is on fire, and hungry Dragons devour everything in their path
  • Realm Reclaim Co-Op and Solo Gameplay – the realm is paralysed with Dragons controlling most of the major towns. There is no trade or diplomacy. Bring your massive armies or team up with friends to reclaim the towns of the realm from the Dragon occupation
  • Dragon Slayers – The Dragon Slayers Order is rising to the occasion, volunteering their services to all lords and ladies of the realm. Every player will receive an elite Hero unit – Dragon Slayer, a 5$ value.
  • Dragon Wars Theme – from the main menu to the world map – the game experience is transformed with brand new cinematic and atmospheric scenes.
  • Dragon Attack Events – Dragons can strike at any moment, be it during a quest, exploration or a Player vs Player match.
  • Homeland Defence – Even your own town is not safe. One of the Dragons has infested your homeland and is getting ready to strike against your town. Raise your militia, men your walls, and get ready to fight for your presence in the game world.

Get ready to experience Dawn of Fantasy like never before. With fantastic siege combat in a persistent online world environment, players will build; trade; ally and siege with hundreds of other players as they try to rid the world of the Dragon menace in the most elaborate persistent MMORTS game on the market!

The End of the World is scheduled to start November 13th.

Stay up to date at the official website: http://www.dawnoffantasy.com/ and Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/hy9mQs

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