The First Game Screenshots Of The Evil Within Are Revealed

/ 5 years ago


We brought you the news of Bethesda’s new project “The Evil Within” about 3 days ago and we had nothing to show you but a brief video clip and some words from the chief overseer of the game, Shinji Mikami – Resident Evil franchise creator. We told you some new information would be coming this week and as promised here it is.

The developers, Tango Gameworks, and the publisher, Bethesda, have offered up a selection of eight screenshots from in-game to give you a flavour of what the game is about and what the graphics look like. The Evil Within is set to arrive on PC, current and next generation consoles from 2014.

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The game is designed from the ground-up to be a horror experience and if you want any more details then be sure to check out previous article. Shinji Mikami believes no current game on the market is worthy of the horror genre title, but he believes this game will change that. For convenience we have included the initial video-teaser/trailer about the game below.


But without any further ado, here are the eight screenshots you came here for so enjoy:









What do you think of these screenshots? Does this look like the basis for a good horror game? Do the graphics look good enough?


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