The first Ouya Dev Consoles will ship this December

/ 5 years ago

After raising $8,583,769 few months ago via Kickstarter, the project not only taken a good shape but it will also start shipping the new Android Jelly-Bean powered consoles to develops by the end of this month to test and make their software/ apps and games for the console as they see fit.

Ouya team stated in their website that the dev consoles will leave the factory on December and shipped on December 28th- although Turkey and Russia will take some more time.

This is really exciting because its always good to see a startup company starting with a hardware+ software (even if its Open-Source) taking shape in this manner. True, they would require sometime to work through rough edges and probably issues/suggestions that develops may report, but looking at the progress it made since the time they raised money and their announcement, its only a matter of few months now that Ouya takes shape and starts to sell.

Looking at the numbers the team raised via Kickstarter, its very likely that the end product will become a big hit!

Source: Kotaku/a

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