The Latest Figures Show One Internet Browser Dominates Them All: But Which One?

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When it comes to browsers there is always a lot of “usually” friendly rivalry between Microsoft, Mozilla and Google as the big three browsers jostle for top spot. However, with Internet Explorer as the default browser in all Microsoft operating systems of late, Microsoft is unsurprisingly still on top. That comes despite the recent antitrust ruling Microsoft faced for not offering Windows users the option to choose their browser upon first use. That ruling forced Microsoft to create a start-up prompt offering Windows users the option to choose between a variety of browsers, instead of relying entirely on Internet Explorer.browser_market_june_2014

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Google has 19.34% with its Chrome browser taking second spot and Firefox comes in third with 15.54% for its Firefox browser. Microsoft leads the way with a staggering 58.38% of the browser market as of last month. Microsoft’s IE8 is the most popular followed by IE11, the latest release of Internet Explorer. IE11 ships as the default browser on Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems and uptake of that has been helped by the recent rise in notebook and desktop sales caused by the end of Windows XP support.


Source: NetMarketShare, Via: Softpedia

Images courtesy of Softpedia/Net Applications

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28 Responses to “The Latest Figures Show One Internet Browser Dominates Them All: But Which One?”
  1. Carl Wilson says:

    “Google has 19.34% with its Chrome browser taking second spot,” yet the pie chart clearly shows Chrome having a
    12.5% share.

  2. Scase says:

    IMO IE doesn’t really count, since it’s installed by default and most people don’t know enough to care.

  3. Sean says:

    Crap for web designers, easy for everyone else.

  4. JonasTone says:

    The only time IE gets run on my computer is when i install windows and need to download chrome.

  5. kingemocut says:

    meth, are you getting your 58.34 percent?

  6. Dave says:

    Considering that 21.25% are using IE8, it shows how many people are either unwilling to update or don’t understand the consequences of not doing so. If everyone understood that updating is actually important, I’m sure these numbers would change drastically against IE.

    • Giles Smith says:

      Its the best ie xp can do ie8 so it shows how many users xp still has.

    • Nyankana says:

      There are still quite a number of people around the globe especially in third world who are happy with their older operating system. Schools and companies need funds to upgrade their dinosaurs.

  7. Perfectos says:

    MAXTHON is best browser ever i usr IE all wersions chrome mozila opera safari but when i try MAXTHON the rest browsers are peace of shit for this baby

    • Kynn says:

      Well done; you just trolled web browsing by setting at the first place a front-end of web engines developed for IE, Chrome… Lol.

  8. Stevie I Wonder says:

    use too use firefox a couple of years back but now it seems slow as hell, I don’t trust google at all. my mate came round and clicked on google chrome the other day and it didn’t open for about 5 mins, clicked internet explorer and it opened straight away, I use too hate IE with a passion but its stepped up its game a lot over the past year or two.

    • panos says:

      used to *
      too means as well or also and it can be used when you need to say that something is more than it should be (eg. this game is too expensive )
      to is used for locations (eg. to italy ) and for actions (eg. i am going to kill you or i need to drink more water )
      also you need to use past form when you want to say that you used to do some thing because it is something that you stopped doing

      • Stevie I Wonder says:

        well thank you for the English lesson, ill come back too it when I give a fuck

        • SpellingPolice says:

          In fairness that’s hardly being picky, just don’t be a massive retard with words most people master before they can walk.

    • Nyankana says:

      It’s either you haven’t updated or that your computer is outdated/inflicted with virus. It also might be that, since your computer has fewer amount of rams, opening 64 bit chrome can suck out quite some juice from your machine. Try switching to 32 bit version if aavailable, or simply update the browser. If all else fails then upgrade your rig. Even though you might think IE is better just because it opens quickly, doesn’t mean it actually provides better functionality.

      • Stevie I Wonder says:

        pc is fine no virus or spyware, running on a quad core 3.8Ghz with 8GB ram windows 8.1. god knows what version of google chrome I have but surely it would have a message telling me there is a newer version? my main bug is I generally don’t trust google anyway and wouldn’t give them the time of day.

  9. Chris Bradshaw says:

    Where’s netscape navigator?

  10. JackIr says:

    What, Maxthon doesn’t rate it’s own slice of pie? Darn.

  11. Mike says:

    Don’t know where you got these stats from or what they actually represent – installations mean nothing.

    W3 schools have actual usage stats – the important numbers that should be considered when looking at browser stats.

    • There are a variety of different companies that collect statistics on browser usage. NetMarketShare (sub-division of Net Applications) are one of the biggest, StatCounter are another. I have not come across W3Schools before.

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