The new iPad is hotter…literally

/ 6 years ago

Apple’s new iPad is in fact having a lot of success, with sales reaching over 3 millions already, it is, however, reported to run hotter than the previous iPad 2.

Even though Futuremark has confirmed that the ‘new’ processor performs same as the ‘old’ one, the device still runs other, as was first noticed by The Verge and later confirmed by

After putting the new tablet under an infrared camera, its was revealed that the new iPad can get to 33.6 degrees Celsius, which is 18.7% hotter than the iPad 2.

The hottest point that was recorded was in the lower right part, which is where the processor is located. However, didn’t test it with LTE.

This is only one of the many test that are to come, a lot has already been done, but expect more testing to surface later.

Source: Fudzilla

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