The Old Republic Beta gets 2 Million Testers

/ 6 years ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic has had a lot of users, even in just the Beta

2 million fans have volunteered to take part in the beta tests for the new Star Wars MMO.

EA CFO Eric Brown says this about the Beta numbers:

“The game itself has a huge pre-existing fan base. We had about 2.4 million people register for the Star Wars fan site, over 2 million of which volunteered to do [beta] testing for free.

The game clocked up over 725,000 unique users over the thanksgiving weekend. “In terms of peak concurrent users, we had just over a quarter of a million people playing the game simultaneously”

The full game is released on the 2oth of December. The game will only need 500,000 subscribers to make a profit.

Source: Eurogamer

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