“The Phantom Pain” premieres at VGAs

/ 5 years ago

During the Video Game awards, a trailer of a mysterious (and little bit disturbing) game called “The Phantom Pain” was shown for the first time.

The game shows a man who has been in a coma for “some time” (as explained by the doctor and most likely due to a road accident according to the trailer) and sees him waking up with a missing arm, a bandaged face and not knowing where he is or what really happened, but the series of unfortunate events adds up to even more mystery, such as soldiers storming in the hospital and killing everyone during the time he is trying to escape.


There were some scenes such as a burning man and a giant burning whale swallowing a helicopter. To be honest, looking at the trailer gives a better description than what one can try to put into words.

The game is developed by Moby Dick Studios and its as mysterious as the game itself as it has a week old website and no social media presence yet, but this game does show some similarities with Metal Gear Solid as the lead character of the game has a striking resemblance with MGS character “Big Boss”

Time will tell exactly to how this game is and by the looks of the trailer, I am looking forwards for newer trailer/teasers to get a better idea.

Source: Forbes

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